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Graffiti is all around us.  We see it every day, driving to work, walking our dogs, eating at restaurants, or just enjoying the scenery of Austin, Texas.  Many graffiti artists choose to remain secretive about their identities because of its illegal implications.  I have had the privilege to speak to several graffiti artists about their experiences, their intentions, and their philosophies concerning this renegade art.  I implore you to investigate it either as an art form, or as a nuisance.  I urge you to decide for yourself where you stand on the issue of art v. vandalism.  Each side has its pros and cons.  However, unless you expose yourself to it, and understand the artists intentions, your point of view will be stunted and only half-valid.  Take a look at this web site not only as a means for curiosity, but also as a means for exploration.  Enjoy.

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